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Our tool, developed as a white label for  Botanic , received the  2019 promojardin silver palm in the service innovation category.


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 my garden designer review

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Granted, not all of us Parisians have the joy of enjoying a small private space to bask in the rind. Okay, we can even say that the rare Parisians who have a balcony or a terrace are as varnished as they are rare!

Still, a great project has just emerged for those, and for all those who do not live in Paris and who want to develop their terraces and gardens:  Mon Jardin ma Terrasse , the first landscaping software that takes into account your space up to you to create a custom space. It's simple, smart and super fast!

Concretely, we enter a photo of the space that we want to develop, we choose the plants that we want to put there according to a lot of well thought out parameters (is the space sunny, how long you want to devote to the maintenance of your garden, what budget you want to put ...) and in two clicks, you get a fairly clear vision of what you could have. We leave with the shopping list and a lot of advice. And even, the coordinates of Nicolas the gardener if you don't feel like getting involved. Really good!




> Maboiteadeco.wordpress.com ,  March 2014 

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I tested for you: My Garden Designer, garden decoration software

Remember, last week, in my post " Spring is here ", I showed you how my garden was coming back to life after a fairly mild winter. After a tour of the owner, my desire for garden decoration reappeared, and I set myself the goal this week of clearing up in order to tackle the plantations soon.

Yes but, although the desire and the motivation are always present, the ideas and the knowledge especially fail me. And that's where, as if by magic, I came across  www.monjardin-materrasse.com , a site dedicated to landscaping and garden decoration.

The site offers software, called My Garden Designer (MGD), which allows you to create a project from a photo of your garden, terrace or balcony. Great idea, at a time when DIY is a hit! Results, no more need to call on Stéphane Marie, and to go through the “No Panic” sequence of “Silence it grows!”, You can do everything yourself, without making a mistake.

  • Ingenious: MGD takes environmental parameters into account to offer you the most suitable plants.
  • Smart: MGD sends you your detailed planting plan, plant list and care tips.
  • Economical: from the free test version to the premium version, everyone will find the solution that suits them.
  • Simple: you make your own creation of garden, terrace or balcony in a few clicks with articles adapted to your tastes among more than 2000 plants and garden decoration objects.
  • Fast: average creation time of a small garden or a terrace: 15 min.