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The first ingenious site for landscaping, we suggest you create your future garden in augmented reality on your own or entrust the project to one of our landscapers.

To get started, go to the  project start page.
Simply indicate the city of your project and our ingenious system will automatically determine the plants best suited to your constraints (temperature, rainfall, soil pH ...).
Thus, your creation of a future exterior will only be carried out from plants which will be really adapted to your environment and which will have every chance to please in your home.

Discover the offer that meets your expectations:

I realize my creation alone

PLEASE NOTE: we do not sell software, nor a subscription, you buy credits for photos of your exterior to download without time limit for the realization of your landscaping projects. For example: today you buy the "large spaces" offer, you can upload a photo of the entrance to your garden today and do various tests with access to the entire library of plants and articles ( a contemporary style, a Japanese style, a natural style ...). Then, when you wish, you can upload the photos of the sides of your garden and finally even a year later that of the living area outside the house. You manage all this on your personal dashboard and can come back at any time on each of the projects carried out for 2 years.

  Number of downloadable project photos Number of items to insert in my, project (plants, objects, decorations) Rate
FREE DISCOVERY OFFER 1 project limited to 5 items FREE
SMALL SPACES OFFER 1 project unlimited € 7.99
LARGE SPACES OFFER 3 projects unlimited € 16.99
PRO OFFER 12 projects unlimited € 49.99

From the registration page , upload a first photo, register and pay for the desired offer. Then, let yourself be guided by our video tutorials in order to make the best use of our site. When you have finished, click on "finalize" and receive on your email the list of plants used along with their planting plan. Finally, if you wish, we suggest that you receive 3 free quotes for plantings from partner gardeners  in your area.


The "PRO Offer" which is very economical and allows you to upload 12 background photos of projects for only 49.99 € or 4.16 € per project (or 30% savings compared to the large spaces offer) which is ideal for the preparation of quotes, without limit of time of use. Another advantage of our system is that it allows you to edit at the end of your creation, the list and quantity of plants used, which is practical for drawing up the estimate and sending it to the nursery. Then a planting plan and also automatically generated as in this example .

Finally, with this offer you can send us photos of plants or objects that you want to add to the database that we will integrate for free.

An invoice will be established in the name of the company on request, the VAT being recoverable. 





I let a landscaper imagine my exterior future

photos of
its exterior
A landscaper
creates your exterior
<50 m² 1  included 60 €
 50 to 100 m² 2 included 100 €
100 to 200 m² 3 included 150 €
200 to 500 m² 5 included € 250

Upload your photo and indicate the location of the project. One of our landscaper will contact you for additional information and will submit a development study to you within a week. 

Note: in the case of an arrangement <50m and all in length that cannot be taken in a single photo, we will process 2 photos maximum.

The process is as follows:

you then place an order within 24 hours you will receive  a questionnaire which will  allow you to understand your expectations in order to be able to answer your request as well as possible. To this you attach photos and a plan of the location of the project. You can send it back to us by email, scan, photo or mail at your convenience. 

If any questions persist we will call you.

Upon receipt, it will take us around 10 working days on average to process your request.

You will receive a document including the mood photo, the planting plan, and the list of plants and integrated objects (see: planting plan ).


Finally, if you wish, we invite you to receive 3 quotes for plantings from partner gardeners in your area.


To select your offer:

When using   http://www.monjardin-materrasse.com/client/inscription/amenagement  for the first time using the "See all offers" button, choose the one that best meets your expectations.

I am starting my Free development of garden and terrace.


I am a Professional: garden center / e-garden center / producer / brand

I am interested in the white label tool on my site or on the store terminal.


Discover our  presentation and  contact us directly so that we establish a corresponding specification and estimate.

We produced the garden planning tools for the Delbard and Botanic brands, whose "garden plan" tool received a 2019 promojardin silver award in the service innovation category.




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